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Underground Fights Pop Off During MMA Media Event

Unsanctioned Underground Fight Show Erupts During MMA Book Launch Event

Unsanctioned MMA fights in a cage in downtown Manhattan were the focal point of a book launch event this past Saturday hosted by authors Jim Genia (Raw Combat) and Matthew Polly (Tapped Out).  It nearly came to blows in the ring as Genia and Polly faced off, each clutching copies of their book in a pseudo-masterbatory staredown that seemed seconds from erupting into a frenzy of extreme violence.  Maybe the two authors were amped up on adreneline following a couple of spine-busting MMA fights or maybe they were just super pumped up amidst a fucking awesome media event.  Whatever the case may have been, these two large and imposing men, who as mma journalists clearly had something to prove, seemed willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to intimidate one another in the center of the ring.

Matthew Polly (6’11″/302lbs) came into the ring boasting a star-studded training team consisting of Phil Nurse and “New Zealand” John Danaher.  Jim Genia (6’10″/297lbs) was coming in with a decade-old blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and a large pair of iron clad bauding balls.  Half the crowd wanted to see these two behemoths tear each other limb from limb and the other half seemed to be connected to the venue or publishing companies and were freaking out about liability issues should the two man-monsters end up brawling.  Unfortunately cooler heads prevailed and the fighting was left to the fighters.

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