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New York MMA Photography Focusing on Organized Violence since 2001

Jerome Mickle Moves to 10-0 at NYFE 2
NYFE 2 - The Ides Of March - March 15, 2014

NYFE 2 – The Ides Of March – March 15, 2014

Promotion – New York Fight Exchange.

Name of Event – NYFE 2 – The Ides Of March.

Rules – No Elbows or Knees to the Head. Otherwise Unified Rules. 3-Minute Rounds.

Status – Amateur MMA Competition.

Sanctioned by Organization Approved by NY Statute – Yes.

Sanctioning Body –  WKA.

ResultsJim Genia’s MMA Website.

Date of Show – March 15, 2014.

Location of Show – Amazura Concert Hall, Queens, NYC.


– Full moon on fight night.

– Fight between Nick Olson & Omowale Adewale ended when their shin bones clashed, broke through the skin & fatty tissue, and touched bone against bone.

– Jerome Mickle smashed his way to 10-0 after a dominant and impressive TKO victory, his first NYFE title defense.

– Rob Scotti (new NYFE Champ) heel hooked champion Felipe Carlos and told the ref he heard something pop, the ref stopped the fight claiming that Carlos screamed but most watching thought the stoppage was premature. This takes nothing away from Rob Scotti who did have a deep heel hook sunk in, much to his credit. The ring interviewer called the stoppage “unfortunate” after the fight. Scotti, however, did the right thing by informing the ref of a possible injury and the ref did end up stopping the fight. Even though Carlos appeared uninjured afterwards, it’s within reason for a ref to stop a fight if he/she believes a knee/joint/tendon injury has occurred during a deeply sunk & cranked heel hook, especially in an amateur show. It didn’t feel like the right call at the time, but thinking back it was probably the right call for the sake of fighter safety. The referee and Rob Scotti might very well have saved Carlos from a devastating and unnecessary knee injury. If only Palhares had manners like Rob Scotti he’d still be in the UFC.

– Alfred Jones in his post fight interview announced he would not fight again in the NYFE or any other amateur show, he’s going pro.

– Crowd Favorite Ken Sweeney’s opponent came in way over the weight limit causing the WKA to cancel the match and robbing the crowd of a father & son fight night. Ken Sweeney took center ring and lambasted Global Proving Ground & his scheduled opponent for missing weight and giving him a t-shirt with the words honor, respect, & Spirit written on it. Sweeney stomped on the shirt and it was thrown around the arena like a hot potato. Ken’s son Kenny won his debut fight earlier in the evening.

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